Announcement on GPC launching CT trading zone and trading rules A

Sun Jun 07 18:43:18 CST 2020
Dear NC members:

Warm congratulations to GPC for logging into the CT trading area of the NCEX exchange. The trading rules are as follows:

1. The price of GPC is 2 yuan.

2. For the time being, only the GPC500 3+1 package is available.

3. Only members with GPD1000 and above 3+1 can apply for GPC activation and appointment.

4. The SOC level of the original GPD is synchronized with the GPC level.

5. The GPC reward mechanism, team organization and GPD are consistent.

6. The GPC account is reserved before July 31st, the system rewards 5000GPC and is given a set of company information (including group enterprise album, insurance supermarket manual, mall investment promotion manual, AXA policy sample and a gift bag).

7. The system will be officially opened for appointment on June 19.

8. GPC implements Monday to Friday, five-day interest-bearing and five-day trading.

9. Hope that all members will tell each other, thank you for your support and cooperation.


NC Global Operations Center

June 7, 2020