Announcement on presenting tickets and signing cash subsidies for Macao Global Conference

Thu Apr 02 12:08:04 CST 2020

Dear NC members:

In order to warmly celebrate the first anniversary of CT transaction of ncex exchange, the opening of Macao Branch, the start of Macao insurance agency license, the merger and acquisition of Hong Kong fund management company, the signing and start of insurance agency in 681 cities across the country, the start of universal charity foundation, the launch of NASDAQ listing, and the award and bonus ceremony of V4 and above. According to the research and decision of the global operation center, from April 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020, all members newly registered and booked for more than 5000 RMB 3 + 1 will be free of charge with one ticket for the two-day and one night celebration held in Macao in June 2020 (including the two-day and one night accommodation in Macao, and the round-trip ticket cost will be borne by themselves), and will be given 1000 RMB insurance contract cash subsidy, only for the top 100, The activity will stop when the number is full. All members are expected to inform each other. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

NC global operation center

April 2, 2020