Announcement on the system opening 2 hours automatic payment function

Mon Aug 26 15:40:09 CST 2019

Dear NC member:

In order to simplify the operation payment process, avoid the risk of deducting the deposit due to not paying in time, and the risk of the account being frozen, the Global Operations Center decided to study: As of September 1, 2019, as long as there is enough NC in the account to pay the order, the system will The whole network implements the function of automatic payment within 2 hours, and cancels the payment within 2 hours, and gives 5 RP rewards; if the NC is insufficient in the account, it still needs personal manual recharge payment. If it is more than 2 hours, the system will automatically deduct 1% deposit; For more than 4 hours, the system will automatically deduct 2% of the deposit. For more than 6 hours, the system will permanently freeze the account. I hope all members will tell each other, thank you for your support and cooperation.

NC Global Operations Center

August 26, 2019