Announcement on the opening of the Korean company and the global summit in September

Sat Aug 03 14:37:28 CST 2019

Dear NC member:

Since the launch of the CT transaction, the layout of the global branch has accelerated. The group will open a national branch and hold a global conference every two months. The operation center research decision: September 17, 2019, the group will be in South Korea. Held in Seoul, the opening ceremony of the Hanyu Group Korea Branch and the Global Leaders Summit.

1. All V4 or above can participate in this 6-day, 5 night Korean conference and business trip.

2. The assessment date above V4 level is August 31, subject to the actual assessment results.

3. All the qualified personnel, please pay the South Korean sign with RP in the Universe Mall in advance.

4. Participants above V4 level can participate in this meeting and all expenses can be paid by RP. Less than some groups will deduct from dividends.

5. I hope all members will tell each other. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

NC Global Operations Center

August 3, 2019